About YBMusik

YBWith over 7 years experience and a fine tuned expertise in all aspects of beat-making, music composing, mixing and recording, YBMusik offers excellence and a profound respect for the artist’s vision in all aspects of music services, from custom beat-making to composing to post production work.

Are you struggling to find affordable high quality beats to go with your expert lyrics?

I can help, I listen and completely respect the artist’s vision in all aspects of music production, from beat making, to mixing and mastering and other post production work.

Do you lack the necessary equipment that it takes to professionally compose and produce a studio quality piece of music?YB

I can help, I have all the equipment, all I need is to hear your vision.

Are you tired of looking online and finding beats that are resold to hundreds of other people?

I can help, all custom beats come with exclusive rights (With Exclusive Rights you can make multiple master recordings for all profitable commercial or broadcast purposes, there are no limitations except that you cannot re-sell the beat. Exclusive rights also guarantees that the beat will no longer be sold or offered for download to anyone else) at an affordable price.

Rap beats include popular styles, Dirty South, Gangsta, Smooth, East Coast, Underground, North Side, South Side, classic West Coast G Funk (90′s), Hip Hop and Club with various rights options. All beats are 100% original, no samples are ever used, made with state of the art equipment to create the highest quality sounds that are ready for you to record your next big hit!

My talents are not limited to Rap, I have vast experience in music composition in all genres, including, Classical, POP and R & B and Film Sound as well.

Let me help you achieve your dreams and create a special piece of music for you, contact me so we can talk about your needs.

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